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The  system, invisible fixation for decking, is patented in Europe and is manufactured near the Luxembourg border by the Vetedy Group.

 is a 100%-invisible fastening system for your wooden deck.

We work with 4 kinds of wood, all class 1 durable (class 4 for France): Padauk, Merbau, Ipe, and Teak.
Our method of attaching slats onto the joists, but then also attaching them together ensures durability and assurance of a smooth, perfect finish without splinters for the pleasure of walking barefoot on wood.
The  system is quality assurance outside parquet flooring. We are also the first to call our terraces garden floors, a designation now very often taken up by professionals in the sector.

Finally, our gardens floors take their origins from managed worldwide forests which are often labelised FSC® and VLO for African Woods, VLK for Indonesian woods and IBAMA for Brazilian Woods.

Descarca brosura


  • Enables invisible fixation to the support.
  • Composite material with high mechanical strength, guaranteeing a high quality system.
  • Flexibility in compression and/or expansion, allowing re-positioning after stress (unlike steel).
  • Eliminates the stage of pre-drilling and countersinking.
  • Allows lateral movement between the planks without any resulting deterioration of the wood.
  • Allows the strips to be isolated from the support.
  • Provides a guarantee of long-lasting durability.
  • Shortens the installation time.
  • Allows even jointing between strips.
  • Prevents the twist in the planks.
  • Ensures free circulation of air.
  • Reinforces the general aspect thank to a wooden frame fixed with non visible screws.
  • Allow a vertical installation (facade, fence, planter,…)
  • Possibility of removing and replacing planks.


  • Class I rot-proof wood.
  • Very stable wood, oven-dried, guaranteeing very little distortion.
  • Selected high-grade wood.
  • Smooth anti-slip surface, without splinters.
  • Wood without any need for preliminary treatment.
  • Planks of fixed lengths, precision cut, avoiding on-site trimming.
  • Pleasant material, never too hot, never too cold